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Locked In, Locked Up, and Locked Out: Trapped on the Hamster Wheel of Life By Lowell Perry, Executive Director YCNHA

Ever since I embarked on my own personal journey nearly fifteen years ago to do my part to make a significant difference in the world in which I live, I have been both intrigued and incensed by a phenomenon primarily affecting children and families facing significant adversity in our cities. Too many of our young people in communities right here in Yuma, were born into, and are growing up in, a generational cycle of poverty that is much akin to an ever spinning hamster wheel which becomes seems more difficult to escape with each successive  generation. 


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By Lowell Perry Jr.

Lent has been defined as a solemn religious observance in the Christian liturgical calendar that starts on Ash Wednesday and ends just before Easter Sunday. Is Lent really about chocolate bunnies, fish on Fridays, or hiding Easter eggs? Because when all of that is over, then what? Its purpose is actually to prepare a believer for Easter, through prayer, penance, charitable giving, and self-denial. Far too many of us continue to focus on the self-denial part. It has become more about what we are doing for ourselves rather than why we are observing Lent in the first place. Is giving up sweets or some other kind of food or drink going to make you a better person? Is your act of self-denial going to help others who may be in need? Of course not. In fact, we’ll go right back to scarfing down Krispy Kreme donuts and McDonald’s cheeseburgers the day after Lent ends!

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Restoring, Preserving, Maintaining, and Promoting Yuma’s History

The warm welcome I have received has made my transition as the new Executive Director of the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area (YCNHA) quite smooth. Gaining a better understanding of the nuances of the organization, while developing, cultivating, and stewarding relationships, has been a blast! Many thanks to current stakeholders, as well as the new friends I have made for your insight and support. All of the above has stimulated a fresh vision for the future and a plan to move forward in 2019 is emerging.

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