Yuma West Wetlands

Since 2000, the Heritage Area has led the effort to design, fund, and build large sections of this 110-acre riverfront park.

The ongoing transformation of what was a former city landfill into the most popular park in the City of Yuma (COY), has been astounding. The first phases of park construction focused on the “Upper Bench” facilities such as roadways, a fishing pond, two playgrounds, picnic ramadas, a hummingbird garden, and lighted multi-use pathways. In recent years, the focus has shifted to developing the “Lower Bench” of the park.

In 2017, the Heritage Area worked with the City of Yuma to revise the park master plan to better meet the needs of the community and make it more affordable to complete. Since then, the Heritage Area has worked collaboratively with the City’s Parks and Recreation department to secure over $500,000 in grant funding to develop the “Lower Bench” including construction of a second beach called Playa Linda, trails and trailhead parking, an outdoor environmental classroom, and restoration of over 36 acres of bank line and riparian habitat.

Even though a tremendous amount of progress has been made over the past two years, much work still needs to be done to finish the park completely. The Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area continues to work together with the City of Yuma to find grant funding sources and other investment needed to complete this park.